4:00-4.30 Registration & Networking

4:30-4:45 Welcome and Agenda

4:45-6:15 Session 1 – Technology as the Game Changer

Technology continues to push e-learning and higher education boundaries further as computer and internet access expands, higher network bandwidth enables richer educational experiences, and the emergence of social networking introduces greater engagement among course participants. This panel will focus on Technology in Higher Education, A/V trends and the implications of Open Source and Net Neutrality.

6:15-7:15 Dinner and Networking

7:15-8:00 Keynote: Andrew Ng, CEO Coursera

8:00-9:30 Session 2 – Reinventing the business of education

A significant transition is underway in the world of distance education. From the correspondence courses of the past to the digitally enabled learning today, we have seen the emergence of a variety of new business models. Prime examples are, Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs), paid MOOCs, Small Private Online Courses (SPOCs), Peer-to-Peer University (P2PU), Khan Academy etc. This panel will focus on the business of education delivery, student assessment, cooperative learning, socio-economic issues and other related topics.

10:00 Adjourn

Timing and panelists subject to change.