The Future of Online Education

May 14th, 2014 – Photos, Video

David Packard Electrical Engineering Building (Auditorium)
Stanford University

Presented by:
IEEE Computer Society Santa Clara valley
North American Taiwanese Engineering & Science Association
IEEE Student Chapter Stanford University

Speakers   #NFIC2014


The digital revolution has impacted nearly every aspect of human endeavor in the past several decades however education technology has only recently seen the emergence of new ideas to challenge established norms in education. The 16th Annual NFIC event examines several important questions on the shape of this emerging landscape of online education. What will the classroom of 2030 look like? How will the universities reshape themselves and evolve, or will entirely new businesses models emerge and play a leading role? What new technologies will be needed to educate and prepare the workforce of the future? The event will provide a forum for academicians, content providers and technologists to network, share knowledge and engage in dialogue around these questions.